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Characteristic and use: 

  Series ZYZJ DC motors, developed on the basis of Series Z4 DC motors, are a kind of serial products for special purpose, which have been made corresponding improvements in designing and manufacturing technologies in accordance with characteristics of the roll drives of sugarcane mills.
Adopting multi-angular frame,the motors feature full utilization of stator space and good compactness of internal structure. Besides, CAD is used for controlling electrical parameters in a proper way, the motors are therefore characterized by smaller volume, lighter weight, lower moment of inertia, etc.
The motors employ painted lamination yoke structure and other effective measures for magnetic ciruits, capable of enduring both current ripple and rapid current changes, and improving commutative dynamic characteristic. The motors can be lastingly operated from three-phase bridge without a smoothing reactor.
With noval construction of class F insulation,the motors ensure stable dielectric performance and excellent heat dissipation.By means of special insulation treatments,the motors possess fairly good moistureproof capability and mechanical strength, able to be used in tropical and humid region.
As stators are added with compensating windings for whole series, the motors boast stronger overload capacities. The overload capacity at base speed is 2.5 times of rated torque and at high speed 1.8 times of rated current, lasting 1 minute.
Outline and mounting dimensions of the motors comply with international IEC 72 standard, except for the axial distance between the mounting holes(dimension B).



Electrical machinery performance:


1.Data listed in the Technical Data Table should be employed under the following conditions:
a.Temperature of primary cooling medium enteringmotor should not be higher than 40℃;
b.Environment for operation should be free from acidic or alkali fume or any other aggressive gas which will corrode insulation;
c.Motor is of continuous duty(S1);
d.Armature and field circuits of motor may be powered either on static thyristor controlled supplies or from DC generator.
2.The motors are class F insulated.
3.Standard rated voltage of the motore is 440V 520V.And 550V,660V or other voltage may be derived on request,but it should be determined through consultation.
4.Standard rated speed is 1000、750、600、500 or 400r/min.Decreasing armature voltage to make speed regulating under constant torque,and lowering down field voltage to make speed regulating at constant output.For speed regulating range see the Technical Data Table.At speed regulating of constant torque below rated voltage,the minimum speed can reach 20 r/min with smoothing operation of motor.
5.The motors can sustain a current gradient of di/dt=(200 - 250)In/s at speed and load.
6.Standard rated field voltage is 220V.Other excitation voltages are also acceptable on request.To ensure the reliability of a release resistor connected in parallel with the field winding when the excitation ciecuit of the motor is interrupted.At rated field voltage the value of shunt resistance is about six times of field winding resistance(cold state).While the field voltage is higher than rated voltage,the value of shunt resistance may be lower than six times,otherwise higher than six times.
7.Performances and technical requirements of the motors all conform to the national standard GB755General requirements for rotating electrical machines,and can also be checked in accordance with IEC 34-1 standard of the International Electrotechical Commission or German industrial standard DIN 57530.

Model explanation:


Structure synopsis:


1.Methods of cooling for all motors are separate cooling,forced ventilation,i.e motor is cooled by ventilation of a separately powered blower or tube radially mounted on.The corresponding relations of protection degrees and cooling methods are shown in Table 1.The required cooling air volume,pressure and blower motor power are shown in Table 2.The air inlet vent of motor can be located either on the left or right side or at the top or bottom of the endshield on the driving side.
2.Mounting type of the motors is horizontal,feet mountrf(IMB3),conforming to the stipulation of the national standard GB977.
3.The motors can be provided with either two of one shaft extension.Motors with one shaft extension may be fitted with tachogenerator,encoder,overspeed protection swich and/or other accessories at the non-drive end.
4.Standard terminal box mounting is on the right side,viewing from the driving end of the motor.As an alternative,mounting on the left side is possible on request,but it should be specified at ordering.
5.The motors adopt a lubricating structure featured being used in running state.
table 1



Protection Degree

Cooling Type 

Blower Cooling



Single Wind Turbine



Double Wind Turbine



Frame Size(Diagrame 2)

Wind Amount(m3/h)

































1.Please refer to our catalogue before ordering for determining the needed products.In case specifications of the products you need are not covered by the brochure or should you have particular request,please offer us specific and definite requirements in advance.A contract or technical agreement may be signed after discussing with and accepted by our factory.
2.Please specify cleaely the motor type,output,voltage,speed,field voltage,cooling method(position of air inlet vent),terminal box,needed accessories(such as techogenerator),etc.when ordering.

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